Understanding React Hooks in a Concurrent World

  • useId: generate a unique value consistently on the server & browser side, usually for id attributes.
  • useMemo & useCallback: recalculate output when inputs change @ render time.
  • useDeferredValue: recalculate output to be input when any urgent updates have been committed.
  • useState: recalculate output when called @ render time.
  • useReducer: recalculate output when called @ any time.
  • useEffect: executed by React when inputs change @ commit time.
  • useContext: state external to this component provided by another component further up the tree.
  • useRef: mutable reference that can be changed @ any time.
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useMemo, useState, useReducer

Each of these hooks hold state.

useRef + useEffect

const instRef = useRef(null);
let inst;
// Lazily initialize the ref the first time.
if (instRef.current === null) {
  inst = {
    value: null,
  instRef.current = inst;
} else {
  inst = instRef.current;


// Update the ref once value has been committed.
useEffect(() => {
  inst.value = value;
}, [value]);